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  1. RED- Ari Harmony (audio)
    Original Song
  2. Go Africa Harlem Festival
    Performing with her band Noble Vines
  3. Arī Harmony - At Last (live cover)
  4. Performing RED live
    At JPAC Queens, NY Elevate My Runway Fashion Show
  5. Home for the Holidays (cover)
    Christmas gig shooting of Ari Harmony and her Noble Vines
  6. Performing live Harlem, NY
    Clips of No Woman No Cry and Stay with Me cover
Grand Central Neighborhod from NYC:
" We at GNC thoroughly enjoyed her performance and found her to be very original and passionate about her artistry"
Village Gallery from Alabama:
"Watching her perform has been like watching a butterfly spread it's wings for the first time, like watching a flower blossom for the first time"

Odyssey House:
I was totally taken back when I first heard Ari sing while she shared her gifted talent during the height of rush hour. I could not help but stop and listen as she gave her perform. My immediate thought was that she would be great to share her gift to the women I service during our annual Women's month luncheon. I took her card and made a gently donation. Ari came to my organization and perfomed with such magic that inspred the women and motivted them to continue to build their dreams. She is truly a gift to other women through her music I have no doubt in my mind that she won't take her talent to another level. Thank you for sharing your song with us.YOU GO ARI... 
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